Newbie needs help! Exmark won't start.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by peejicky, Apr 6, 2008.

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    I'm a newbie to this forums but have found forms to be a great way to meet other people and help one another.

    After sitting all winter my ExmarK Lazer Z will not start. I have fire to the starter but not to the switch or plug. I can jump the starter at the selinoid but the plug doesn't fire. I have unplugged the switch and tested the wires but no fire. I have also unplugged the safety switches and bypassed them one at a time. (locations are: under the seat, at each steering handle, parking brake, and the engage switch for the blades) I have checked and changed the fuses. I found two relays that I don't know how to test but the number on them is Hella (sp?) 4RD 931 680-01. My local dealer says the relays are anout 40bucks each and rarely tear up. I hate to spend 80 bucks unless I'm certain of the problem.

    Does anyone know how to check the relays of know of anything I've missed?


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    one of the relays is the start relay, and one is the kill relay. the one closest to the engine is the kill relay. remove it and try to start it, that will tell you if anything in the kill circuit is bad. if it starts, you will have to replace it to be able to turn your mower off.
    there is also a mercury tilt switch under your seat. when testing the switches remember some are normally open, while others are normally closed.
    also behind the throttle(on older ones) there is a seat delay module that can go bad.
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    I have seen the PTO switch contacts get dirty and cause the unit not to start. You could try to pull the switch in and out a couple times to clean the contacts. The relays are a good place to start, and they are only about $7-8 dollars. If your dealer is trying to sell them for $40, he is screwing you over. Good luck.
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    switch the relays sometime the contacts become dirty INSIDE the relay. if you switch them it will start to work the other side of the relay(only one side is used). also a relay is a relay napas got them for 12 bucks.
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    What is the engine model and spec?

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