Newbie New England Renovation question!!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by raymont4, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. raymont4

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    This is great, thanks so much. We have a stateline in Hollis as well, so I can go there for the estateline seed. I see Black Beauty is just variations of tall fescue, is that right? Looks like the BB Ultra has tall fescue, kgb and ryegrass.

    I have no problem spending the extra money when overseeding, just want ot make sure using the right blend
  2. agrostis

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    Good for you. You would be surprised how many homeowners cheap out on seed after spending thousands trying to get a nice lawn.
  3. DieselMDX

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    from MA
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    Any updates on this, looking at ultra also
  4. Smallaxe

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    It's odd that pythium struck your new turf when it ordinarily strikes mature stands during hot humid weather...
    How do you know you had pythium? and why do you expect it won't happen again?

    Most fungi strikes because people are mowing too short when it is too hot and it is not fungi at all... not trying to make you feel bad, its just that the idea of fungi gets thrown around a lot when people are mowing semi-dormant grass, when they shouldn't be... :)

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