Newbie, Please Help Before I Pull My Hair Out!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by St8tman, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. St8tman

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    Hello to everyone...Although I am new to this forum...I have been reading along for a couple of the knowledge here is second to none. Having said that here is my problem. I have a Cub Cadet 2165 Rider with a 16HP B&S Intek engine. The unit only has 197hrs on it, and was bought new in 1998. My problem is I can cut grass for approximately 45 minutes and I hear it start to "Die". If I Immediately pull the choke out, it will continue to run for a short time before it finally dies. I then can immediately restart with the choke fully engaged and it will once again run for 30seconds to a minute before quitting. This scenario can be repeated over and over, but it will not run with the choke in...nor will it allow me to engage the PTO without shutting down. As soon as the unit cools will once again run fine for approxiamately 45 minutes and the scenario staqrts again.
    Thus far I have: Replaced both spark plugs, Cleaned both elements of the air cleaner, replaced the fuel filter with an ethanol compliant filter, replaced the top end fuel lines, fresh oil change and filter, thoroughly cleaned the "breather element" of the gas cap. (As a matter of fact, this evening when it began, I actually unscrewed the cap before it stalled in case it was vapor locking....NO Help) Drained the gas tank and cleaned throughly and filled with fresh gas With Ethanol additive, as well as Seafoam. Guys I am out of possible answers....and I can only ask for your help in diagnosing what is going on with this unit. Any help greatly appreciated, and Thank You For Your Time.
  2. JDiepstra

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    How much Ethanol is in your fuel? Maybe its overheating and shutting itself down? Is the unit air cooled?
  3. St8tman

    St8tman LawnSite Member
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    10% Ethanol...and Yes the unit is air cooled only.
  4. Restrorob

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    Sounds like the coil is heating up and spark is weakening even though it starts right back up, Adding extra fuel (choking) will help a weak spark fire the engine back up only to shut down again when the choke is opened....
  5. St8tman

    St8tman LawnSite Member
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    Not being a mechanic.....does this unit have one or two coils? If two would it be both or one? Also any thoughts about the possibility of it being the fuel pump? Once again thank you for your time.
  6. Jay Ray

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    I have a 2135 with a Kohler single cylinder that acted just about the same a couple years back starting in August. I thought it was a fuel problem for awhile but a new coil solved the problem.

    Can remember one screw that was near impossible to get out in order to move the driveshaft bellows (cover) back out of the way. Didn't put that screw back in and have had no problems.

    Been very wet lately and the little Cub was called back to duty.
  7. Restrorob

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    I first thought fuel pump, But I've never seen a fuel pump act up with-in a certain time limit consecutively then regain operation. They are a diaphragm type pump, They either work or don't work.

    There are two coils on this engine, But.... Both are tied together with a diode equipped kill lead wire. Therefore one coil could be heating up and shorting the other through the kill lead wire, In most all cases OEM's recommend replacing both coils at the same time since a older coil could effect the new coil operation.....

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