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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by SKIQUATTRO, Apr 2, 2008.


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    Great site all, awesome info......I'm a homeowner (not in the landscaping biz) located on Long Island NY

    My lawn is like concrete from years of never being aerated and kids running on it. I am aerating on Monday morning. My questions are:

    -is there a proper way to Aerate?
    -I will leave the plugs and break up..
    -what is the time line of when to put down fertilizer, lime, seed etc??
    -watering: how much/frequence (I do not have sprinkler system)

    thanks all, sorry for the basic newbie questions......
  2. JimBab

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    Ski: Be sure to use a core aerator. You may want to spread some organic humus on the lawn while the holes are still open. You can rake it in while breaking up the plugs. Consult a local seed provider to see what is recommended for your area in the way of seed. Also consider if you should use full sun blend or shade mix. A good starter fertilizer should be put down at the same time. It sounds like you are doing a large area so you should really use a roller afterwards to insure good seed to soil contact. Water several times a day....the earlier the better. Try not to water before dark if possible as this causes mold. Do not let it dry out! Too many people have good intentions but let the lawn look like the Sahara desert a week later! Oh yes, you may want to lime it before seeding especially if you have had a moss problem. Make sure to use a starter fertilizer. If you use anything with any type of weed control your seed will not germinate! Hope this helps. Good luck!

    SKIQUATTRO LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Jim

    i just core areated this morning....after i let them dry out, what the best step after that? run a mower over to break them up, then lime, wait a few days then fertilize and seed the same day??
  4. Steve Swail

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    Ski....No real need to run the mower over the plugs from aerating. Just wait 4 or 5 days or after a good rain before you seed or you'll have patchy little shoots of grass coming up out of the holes you made. It's a good idea to take a soil sample of your yard to find out exactly how much lime & nitrogen you need to put down. Your county extension office or your nearest Lesco store are good sources for that. Make sure you choose a quality blend of grass seed. is a great website for seed ratings. I know you're in NY but check out this website as well ( It's got some really good advice that will serve you well as you work to have a nice lawn. Best of luck.

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    Thanks all!! I cored on Monday, havent had a chance do do anything more...we are in for a good rain tomorrow (Friday) and Satruday...should i just wait till next week to Lime/Fert or do it tonight and let the rain soak it into the soil? Also, can i Lime/Fert/Seed (High Traffic) at the same time? My Garden Center guy said i may need Phospherous as well....or do i Lime/Fert now then wait to seed in a few weeks?

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