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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scenery Lawn Care, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Scenery Lawn Care

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    i am starting a new lawn-hardscape company in missouri. I have begun searching for mowers, i have norrowed it down to three. Since i dont want to take a full dive in to the bussiness iw as goin start out with a walk behind mower, so i can fit inbetween gates, and only need one mower. the first choice is a 36" encore hydro (which is the cheapiest brand new one i can find) the second is a 36" exmark hydro as well (800 dollars more then the encore) and the last choice which i dont know if im interested that much in is the a scag and its is a used one for 2250, it is an 03 and does not have an hour meter so they have no idea how many hours are on it. Also, the two kinds of weed eaters, and blowers i have foun is sthil, and i think its called red halk, but not sure. Is there another brand you guys use alot? sthil is a good machine, but every thing i have used of thiers seems likes it is kinda hard to get started up, espec if it runs out of gas. sorry for the long post, but i dont know to much about mowing, for the past 5 years ive only done landscaping and hardscapes, but am starting my own business and would like to include mowing. so what you guys think? thanks alot
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    well honestly i would go with the ex mark. I just bought 2 new ones this past week. they are sweet. I picked ex mark becuase they have been around and proven over the years to do a good job. they are more then most but sometimes you get what you pay for. Also i like the ex mark becaue if it breaks and they need to fix it they will let you use another one to mow your schedule with while yours is down. And i hate to say this people are anal with there lawns thats why the hire you. and if you moss a cut due to down time you best believe that they will find someone new 90% of the time. As for trimmers and such i only use sthil just my thing they hold up and if you maintain your stuff and clean it and take care of it it will last you. i hope this helps you and good luck on your new venture!:usflag:
  3. Danielslawnservice

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    did u think about a Quickie?
  4. jtslawncare

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    have you consider toro also? i got a deal on my 36 two years ago.. and for the weedeaters i have redmax and there pretty good but just be careful don't try to buy all expensive stuff until you have built up the business just my two cents and good luck with it hopes it works out for you:clapping:
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    i didnt do any reasearch on them so i cant say... just did JD, Toro, Ex mark, scag... sorry about that.. but google it you can find some issues that people had. but if you have the money i would not opt for that... but if your on a budget you have to have something! and anythign is better then nothing it just might cost more in the long run is all
  6. Scenery Lawn Care

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    i just chose those three because that was the closest dealer to me, maybe i should do a little road trip and see what everyone else offers. the encore was about 4 grand, and i really hate to spend much more then that starting out. Does anyone know if toro, quicke or any others are cheaper. and would any of you buy a used mower that has no hour meter?
  7. lonestarlandscaping

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    Exmark and Echo.

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