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Newbie question.


LawnSite Member
Antioch TN
I just bought a used TT23KC.
It has a single wheel to ride on.
What is available to use that has a seat or at least two wheels.
I asked this here because I want something made for this mower.
Thanks for any help.


Manufacturer / Sponsor

Thanks for the post. We only offer one style of riding attachment. The Exmark Sulky is a sit down two wheeled steerable sulky. The steering helps prevent the sulky form binding or "jack knifing" when in confined areas making tight turns. MSRP is around $600 plus the hitch which is another $40.




LawnSite Bronze Member
Columbus, NE
Look into the Bullrider made by Trimmer Trap. It is a castored or trailing stand on sulky. It will easily bolt right onto most walkbehind mowers. It mounts to both corners at the back instead of just at one point.
no jackknifing and you can even go in reverse with out getting off. About $350