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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by white1, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Im new to the site, and new to the industry. I took a plunge a month or so ago and bought a whole new rig. Consist of a 48" superduty, 2 Shindaiwa T270's and a Shindaiwa backpack, a new (used) trailer, and a new (used) truck. The truck was after I lost the transmission in my other one though.

    Anyway, I have about 10 hours on my Superduty, and replaced the blades with some gator blades. I really like them, but want some extras. The factory blades were in pretty bad shape IMO for 10 hrs. Not real sure what length I need. Everything I am seeing on line is for 44", mines 48".

    Also, on average how long would I go between blade changes?

    Anything else I may need to know that Im not aware that I need to know is appreciated. Thanks
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    Welcome the Hustler family !!
    Your best bet is getting your blades from your dealer, as you have found out, online parts selection is pretty weak.
    As to how often between blade changes, that depends on your conditions, how much your mowing per week etc...
    Some guys change them everyday with a freshly sharpened set, some change them weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, it just depends.

  3. blackandgold

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    Chech your owners manual for blade part numbers. There you will find part numbers for the standard blades, as well as optional mulch kits and other items.
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    That was the first place I looked. I didnt find anything with part numbers, but I got some from my dealer, so Im good. Thanks

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