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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawn_love, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Weed control is worth it. I don't know about your personal area but in my area it is worth it.

    What I come across is that a lot of home owners are do it your selfers in that aspect along with fertilization. Now on commercial propertys its a different story.

    Like wise, in my area we have a far amount of storm damage every summer so tree care and removel is worth it.

    So the only solid answer I can give you is that it really depends on the location and the needs of your customers.
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    lawn love: You are doomed to failure if you don't learn something about business. Coming on this forum and asking what to charge will do you little good. You must know YOUR cost of doing business( in your specific geographic area) cost of equipment including replacement cost when it comes time; fuel cost; operating your vehicle including maintenance; necessary insurance; licensing; everything the business takes out of your pocket. Then you will know how much you need to put back in your pocket to cover those expenses and still have some profit.

    As for what services to offer: what are you capable of doing? The more the long as you make a profit on each one or if you gain more accounts because of providing more services.

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