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Newbie to the site with ????

Need a Little Trim

LawnSite Member
New Orleans
Hey guys my name is Jason and the owner of Need A Little Trim Lawncare here in the New Orelans Metro Area.

My main question is any of you guys out there have some good advertising info?
I was pretty established until the Hurricane came through and I lost everything to 7' of water. Insurance has been dragging ass and through the course of 2 weeks of down time due to no place to live and loos of equipment with insurance not paying I lost all but 2 of my customers.

I have since gotten some new equipment and am building my customer base back and it is moving slowly but steadily to amost more than I had before. I am trying to get as many new clients as possible to rebuild into the full time aspect because the business is there just hard to convince people with all the expenses that they currently have.

Any creative ideas are appreciated I have already done flyers, yard signs, and referrals. I have most things covered but, I am just wondering if there is some advice out there that maybe I haven't thought of.

Losing all my equipment was one thing but, losing my house and having to move back to my parents with wife and child that is the way crappy part...LOL.

If anyone has a line on a 36" cut walk behind or zt let me know? I also need to find a new trailer they are really hard to come by with all the contractors packing in to do the clean up work.


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Try an ad in a local newspaper and run it until your schedule is full, so to speak.
In New Orleans it's a nice size city, see if you can find a paper other than the main news, such as a community thing where the advertisers pay for it, that's what I use here in VA... Before you put the ad, READ the paper and see if any other co's are in there as it is good if at least SOME are but maybe not TOO many.
For me, ad in the paper has been WAY better than flyers and referrals, matter of fact I haven't done flyers in years and I cringe sometimes when a customer says they're going to refer someone to me cuz it's been my experience I get more Money out of the paper-referred phonecalls and the expectations aren't as nutty.
Good luck, sorry bout the parental thing.


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gods own country
i agree my ad goes well it might be different in some areas its about phone traffic for you its like starting your bis again i really feel for all the people in your area good luck with everything keep the old chin up

Need a Little Trim

LawnSite Member
New Orleans
Thanks guys I appreciate all the advice. I am going to look into the advertising in the community periodical. Can't believe I never thought of that. I have even looked at it and have see at least one other Landscape Co. in it before the storm.

Funny the things that you look over and just miss. Well I appreciate the help again and thanks.