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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Roy from TN, May 15, 2006.

  1. Roy from TN

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    Just bought a Mini FastTrax 19/42 in April of 2006. I mow my father's lawn, my lawn, and a neighbors. I have been very pleased with the performance but have a few questions.
    1) I can't get the blades off to sharpen them. They are past due and I really need to get them off. I thought about clamping a block to the deck to keep the blades from moving while I try to break the bolt. Is this a normal procedure?
    2) Are the bolts going through the blades reverse threaded or standard?
    3) Any suggestions on safely getting under the mower to change the blades?
    4) The manual said 118 foot lb's seems like a lot. When I mowed with a company a few years back we just tightened them down as hard as we could and had no problem. Do I really need to buy a torque wrench for this?
    5) The manual stated NOT following the factory blade guide. It showed sharpening the blade at approximately a 30 degree angle of factory. Did I read that right and why?

    Thanks for any answers, help, and suggestions. Again, I am so sold on this mower and the Hustler brand. I love mowing again!
  2. mowerconsultant

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    1) a block or blade lock tool is necessary if you are not using air tools.
    2) They are standard.
    3) jack the unit up with a floor jack and put jack stands underneath.
    4) we suggest this for safety reasons, I would not want to see a blade come off at full throttle.
    5) I will have to look in the manual here in a bit, I am not sure what this is speaking of.

  3. fishinpa

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    I got my blades off a few weeks ago with a piece of 2x4 between the blade and deck, no problem doing it by hand... and I did not hae a breaker bar eithr. The bolts are on with a standard bolt pattern. (righty-tighty - lefty-loosey) I have the MFT 16/42.

    I was reslly suppriswd with how much complaining I've read here about others trying top get their blades off.

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