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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Green Grass and More, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Hello there,

    My name is Josh and I'm looking into starting my own lawn care company in Madison, Wisconsin and maybe the surrounding areas. I've been mowing lawns for family and friends since I was a kid and I've always loved it. There's something about being outside and looking at the yard you just finished cutting and standing proud. So I know that I will enjoy this when I do it. I started doing something about my dream last summer.

    I purchased a bunch of smaller stuff: weed eater, blower, hand tools, push mower, hoses, you know, the smaller stuff. I figured that I had to start somewhere and these were the items that I could afford at the time. As far as I can see, I'm just missing the trailer and "mower"; be it a rider, walk behind, whatever. I have a 1999 ford f-250 superduty, so I have the vehicle to accomplish this. I even found a couple of older ladies to mow for last summer. Their lawns were very small(I was able to finish each one in about 20 minutes with a push mower and trim) and they paid me $25 each mowing. For these size lawns, I'll take that anyday as I'm making roughly $50 an hour.

    I'm curious if anyone in the area has some tips to help me out or if anyone at all has any tips for me? I know I'm still a little ways off but I'm hoping to get into the business soon. Any help would be appreciated. Am I on the right track? What else should I be doing? Thanks for reading and I love this site. It's going onto my favorites.

    soon to be "Green Grass and More"
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    I'm a newbie as well and have been asking similar questions and finding information as well... here's a summary:

    1) Make flyers, but don't get let down if you get 2 or 3 calls back per 1,000. Some on here passed out as many as 10,000 but eventually got the calls. Also, make sure it looks professional and think about getting a logo professionally done if you can't make one that looks good. Also, doorhangers have been said to have worked well (haven't tried it myself yet), but they are more time consuming.

    2) Only cut a yard what it is worth it to you. An account is not worth losing money over... there's no guarantee he will refer you and the person he refers you to may be expecting the same deal.

    3) One thing I found out that works in my area is catching them outside and talking to them face-to-face when passing out flyers. I only passed out 150 two days ago (150 used up a full color cartridge, going to Kinkos and print shots to get quotes today) and got my only two bids with customers I talked to face-to-face.

    4) The consensus was not to cut a neighbor's yard at a deal, but others chimed in with information that seemed relevant... these are the people that know you... they will refer you better than you average customer. Also, it doesn't use up gas on your truck and you don't spend time loading stuff into and out of your trailer.

    I'm sure others will provide other info
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    Well, I just applied for my LLC stuff with the state. What else should I be doing to start up legally? Help me out here, I could use it. Taxes, bank...what else?

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    josh turn on your ability to recieve pm's i live in the mad town and maybe i can be of help.
  5. Green Grass and More

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    Where do I find this option? Otherwise, my email is
    Let me know as I could use some help and would enjoy talking to someone in the same area.

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    referrals will make your or break you. its all about word of mouth. not always. but the majority of my clients have been referrals.. and another piece of advice... save as much money as you can!!!

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