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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by hilltopgrounds, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. hilltopgrounds

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    Hey guys. I am just starting out and I have an idea but am not sure if the cost of it would outwiegh the benifits. I want to get a website that my prospective clients could goto that had examples of my work, explain my services, request a quote, e-mail me, and that my current clients could log into and see when thier lawns were cut, when they are schedualed to be cut again, when last payment was recived, etc... What do you guys think?
  2. Az Gardener

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    I have thought about something similar for a while, then I look at competitors websites and see them out of date, or their latest referral letter was 5 years ago or you can't get there, something is down. Before you make the leap ask yourself do you check on line to see when you paid your bills or when they are coming to pick up your trash? I don't want to shoot you down but people are very busy they hire us to make their life simple to provide them more time. It might be nice to have with a gallery of pictures and maybe some addresses for prospective clients to drive by and check out your work. If you are not diligent keeping it current then it becomes a negative not a positive. It's like a dog everyone loves the puppy and wants to play with it but a few years down the line its a crap machine that you have to feed. I am going to completely stay away from the costs because the ranges I have heard are so far apart I don't believe any of it. I prefer a newsletter that I control who sees it. Their are some A**es in the industry locally and the less they know about me and my clients and business the better. I am curious to know what you decide and costs etc. Good thread
  3. hilltopgrounds

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    Thanks AZ Gardener, I am toying with the same issues that you brought up. I never thought of the competition using it. One thing I really want from it is that if I get like then I can make the e-mail and I think that will be a lot easier to remember for my clients. Although like you said i don't know how much people would actually use it. Thanks for your imput!
  4. dnnhandyman

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    Personally, I think it is a great idea to have a website. Especially, this day in age. Our company has a four page site which costs us $5.00 a year through yahoo domains. The sit however, was done through Geo sites which is free, then we signed up with yahoo and forwarded our site to there so we could use the name we wantd. I Our first page is a welcome, intruduction to our services. 2nd page is photos of lawns we do now. Also some before and afters of clean ups and landscaping. 3rd page is about us. this is where we get a chance to just be us and leat everyne know about us. 4th page is customer comments. This is where I post letters of reccomendation. This web site has been very beneficial to us. But as far as payment schedules and cutting schedules, I wouldn't do that. It would be too easy for anyone to mimic you with this info. when I give out invoices, I put all of there scheduled services for the up coming month on there. Give them magnetic business cards, for there fridge, then they can put the imvoice there and will always know when there next service is. Works Great!!! Check out our web site, I would be happy to help you get one going.
  5. ArizPestWeed

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    I don't think the other comapnies will be an issue .
    I doubt anyone one will use it , we are all too busy , just another thing to deal with .

    Waste of time and money .
    Sounds more like ya would like to see it out on the web , ego builder .
    That's what most sites are .
    Of course I'm different .

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