Newbie: what questions should I ask?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fprintf, Oct 19, 2002.

  1. fprintf

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    I am having my new 48" fixed deck walk behind delivered on Monday afternoon. I am such a newbie at this machinery that I am hoping they show me all the ropes. In case they don't, what topics should I be sure that they cover? What questions should I ask?

    I know I want to know about setting and resetting the deck height, if it is possible to change the rake and the best angle for our grass type, how to change the oil, remove the blades for sharpening, what pressure to keep the tires at, where/when to apply grease to the machine, and starting/running instructions (e.g how to start it, what throttle settings to use, how long to warm up, non-divot turning techniques).

    Anything else I need to know? I assume that practice makes perfect and that my wobbly practice stripes on the demo unit will improve over time.

    Thanks in advance in a major way! I trust that these guys will give me a full education, as they are a 5 star dealer. The owner said to make sure I ask all my questions while the delivery guy is there in person to teach me, even though he is more than willing to take them piecemeal over the phone.
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    Congradulations on your new mower. You ansewred most of the questions in your post. Insure that they familarize you with all of the operatonal features and safety features. When you get home insure that you read all of the literature and you should be off to a fine start. Also make sure that you are able to safely load and unload. Enjoy your new mower

  3. sheppard

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    Ask about any weird tools you may need; any odd sized nuts; Go ahead and get a hydro filter replacement now; Get a set of gators for the mower- make sure the hole matches the one on the mower currently; if the front castors are foam filled consider getting a tube put in them NOW! ( not after they break the seal and mess up your schedule that day when they blow); Get an extended tube to drain the oil into something in stead of spilling it all over your new shiny mower( guess what I did?); get pricing on a set of belts for everything, look for bargains here- ask the dealer or the factory guy for after market items.

    All I cn think of at the moment.

  4. Swampbeast

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    Every time I buy a new mower I get extra belts, extra filters (for everything), extra blades, extra spindle bolts. and an extra castor wheel. Cause hey, S--- happens! :angry:
    Just be sure to practice with it first well away from everything, including houses with glass doors. (guess what I did?!) :blush:

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