Newbie who want to help her husband get started!plz help

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ksuyen, May 22, 2007.

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    Ok here it goes. My husband has been working in the lawn industry for over 8yrs, and knows everything there is to know about landscaping. He know believes he is ready to go on his own, and begin his own business. I support his decision 100% and stand by his side in whatever he wants. My question is how do we begin to advertise. How and where do we begin to get clients. Please give us any suggestions to help us. I am making flyer's, but do you think I should post it in a newspaper or contract someone to pass the flyer's around a certain neighborhood. plz any suggestions in helping us to get started. Thank you so much!!

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    Flyers/doorhangers are good to get is time-consuming to pass them out, so if you can find someone to help you do this I would go that route.

    Newspaper and HOA newsletter ads work too. Anything to get those initial jobs, then as you grow you can target certain areas where you already have customers.
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    always target areas........Mass mail is wonderfull you can target your customers better this way. but its a bit expensive. Dont concentrate your efforts on 1 type of ads,,

    Run a news paper ad, and follow it up with door hangers/flyers. talk to everyone... place your business cards in stores, and just go in to places and ask..... EVERYONE has grass. jsut go in and ask......
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    It is nice to have a fellow wife... here. I am a wife helping my husband in this industry as well. Once you get enough posts, plz PM (private message) me and we can support each other.

    It sounds like you are on the right track. Advertise, Flyers, Mailers, Inserts, doorhangers, and word of mouth are all great. Initially, you may have to try them all and see which one brings you the most response and to determine where the areas of results best come from. We did a larger mailing insert this season and spent a little more than usual. It has returned us some pretty good results and from an area of our county that we would never have simply sought out to actually solicit because thinking it would not be profitable. So, it just goes to show you that you never know where business may come from. Have family, friends and associates pass flyers out, hang them in places of work and everyone you talk to, let them know what you are doing. Usually most friends want to call on friends that they know. That gets the ball rolling and helps you to make contacts with people.

    Good luck and wish you much success! I know from personal experience, being a wife to a man in this industry is not always easy, but working together, supporting each other and helping him is the key to making this venture work. I enjoy the work as much as he does and it makes me proud to be able to help him...mulch, mow or handle phone calls. I have taken an interest at even the maintenance of the equipment .... by helping take our trucks for service calls, the plow in for service, picking up his de-icer products when he is too busy... stuff like that which is sometimes a hassle.. I enjoy and it takes a load off his mind to have it taken care of. Simple things, but it makes a lot of difference and he knows it supports him.

    Good luck!
    Paulina (Mrs. BD Bone)
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    From my experience, the are a number of ways to get the ball rolling. First, word of mouth is huge, but of course, you have to have customers to begin with. I found a program where I could create my own business cards and then go to Office Depot or even Wal-Mart and you can buy business card paper (10 cards/sheet) and they come in packages. Simply going door to door and knocking/taping a card on the door will get some advertisement. You can spend the extra money of having your cards professionally made, but mine come out just find being home-made. Flyers are also great, they will stick out more and people are more likely to see them.

    Also, post either a home-made or professionally made sign in your yard; you'd be surprised at how many potential customers will call.

    I recently had t-shirts made and I'm handing them out to all my friends and even the tellers I see regularly at the bank. When you've got 100 t-shirts going around town, you're bound to pick up a few customers. And even if you pick up just 1-3 customers, after a year's worth of mowing for them, it will pay for the shirts, and shirts don't require a renewal fee as do newspaper ads and the like.

    Good luck to you guys and if you ever need advice, just let me know. You have obviously been in the business longer than me, but I don't mind sharing my experiences.

    Lohse's Lawn Service
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    8 YEARS in the lawn industry?? What may I asked what he did, because he might have alot of contacts already with people. Ask other LCO if you can doing any sub work and please do not forget insurance.
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    Step #1: Get insurance and proper licensing.
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    Why is it that when someone says landscape everyone thinks lawn care???:confused:
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    Because alot of beginner grass cutters call themselves landscapers by mistake instead of just "lawn guy".

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