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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by beerguzzler, Aug 20, 2007.

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    I just purchased an HP 50" with the 27hp Kohler. I just put my first 5 hours on it. The dealer said I should change the oil and filter after the first 5 hours. He noted I should also nut and bolt the machine. That all makes sense to me. Anything else I should do? Also, what kind of oil should I run and how much oil does this engine require?

    Thanks for putting up with a newbie

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    beerguzzler, (Sweet name by the way!)

    When you purchased your machine, you should have been given an owner's and part's manual. The owner's manual will tell you the oil amount and type to use in your engine.

  3. beerguzzler

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    So I read the manual and got 10W-30 and picked up an oil filter. It had two part numbers. From other threads I gathered it is the short and long version. I got the short version because the place I got it from did not have the long. I may do another oil change in 5-10 hours because I have some remorse in doing that.

    Does anybody have thoughts to the second part of my question? Other than the oil change and nut/bolting, are there any other tricks of the trade that I should think about that are not in the manual?
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    The short filter will work fine... even better than the long in my opinion. Don't worry about changing it again in 10 hours. That would be overkill.

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