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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by gmeeks, Feb 22, 2009.

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    Yes this is my first year of doing lawn care and landscaping owning a buisness. I am getting my buisness liscense and insurance and doing it all legal. My question is this I want to be competitive and make a living and get jobs, but also I don't want to be to low that i'll get alot, and not make any money. How would I know what to charge in my area to do this and be competitive to make money. All your advice would be really appreciated.
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    You can call a couple different companies and have them give you an estimate. You can also try to get someone on here that is in the same area to kind of give you some idea of what the going rates are. But these should be only used as guides. Its hard when you are first starting out. You have to get some time in before you can estimate properly. You also have to know what its costing you to go out every day.

    Figuring your cost out in the beginning is easy and hard. Its easy because you really don't have much to figure out if its just you, and its hard in the fact that you have nothing to compare it to. Like last years numbers. It takes some time. I was lucky in that I had an experienced person to talk to, my neighbor is an LCO. Do alot of reading on here, but don't take ever thing as law. For example the dollar a minute rule. You will make some mistakes in the beginning, but you will learn fast. Its better to bid it a little higher than to lowball it and regret it every time your there cutting it.

    You will not get every job you bid, nor should you. If your getting every job your too low. If your not getting any, well your too high. You have to find that happy medium where you can get work and make money. Add up everything that cost you money to be in business, then break it down to a hourly rate. Thats a good start. It gets more complicated the more you grow.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Tommy Boy

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    Well said Dave!
  4. gmeeks

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    Is there anyone here from the middle tennessee area?
  5. dwight1moore

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    im from middle tn
  6. gmeeks

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    What is the going rate and minimum in your area?
  7. gmeeks

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    What did you guys say when you go and give your first estimate. Just wondering how you would approach it to seal the deal. Thanks

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