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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JROD, Jan 21, 2005.

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    I wasn't sure where to make my first post but this looked like the best place. This looks like an awesome site with a lot of good information. I am 20 years old attending college and am considering a career in Landscaping. I have worked mowing yards and doing small landscaping jobs for around 5 years now. I have some questions although, so any information would be much appreciated.

    I'm trying to plan exactly what i'm going to do with my life. I am undecieded as far as a Major but have to declare a major soon. I really think that landscaping would be a good career choice for me.

    If I go into the landcaping business, I will get a degree in landscape design but would also like to contract the work through my own company.

    My questions are:

    1) What is the quality of life like?

    2) What is the average yearly salary?

    3) Is there a lot of competition in the industry?

    4) Any other tips or advice would be great.

    Thanks much,
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    Quality of life is good depending on how well your business is run. Expect low quality of life in the beginning, it will take a lot of hours to get there.
    Very completive, go to Department of Labor site, bureau of statistics and look at the numbers, they are really low because they only count the documented businesses. I would suggest this, Major in Business, Accounting, or something that applies to more jobs. CAD software for designing is everywhere. If you want to do installs you'll make more money most likely. It's better to have a good knowledge of business than to have focused knowledge on the CAD stuff unless you plan to work for someone else. Running your own business you want to be better equipped with business knowledge so you can survive. I was in the same spot you are, I worked for someone else and I thought about going just into horticulture so that's where I started then I noticed that the people in my classes had no business knowledge and after talking to some guys I know they showed me why to pursue business instead. Hope this helps.
  3. ritchiem

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    does not leave too much time to work on my s10, besides that I love my job.
  4. JROD

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    Sounds good. I'm not too worried about the business part of the business. I already partly own and operate a successful screen printing business. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have worked around them ever since I was young. My landscaping skills are defintly lacking compared to my skills in business. I agree with you although, if the business is run correctly that means more success and less work. My ultimate plan is to have the business to somewhat run itself and lets others do the hard work while I do the managing. I don't expect this right off the bat although if things are done right, I believe this is very possible.

    Thanks again for your info. I will do some more consulting with the colleges and counslers which may help me make a good choice.

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