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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by keystonejohn, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. keystonejohn

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    like many of you, i found this forum as a result of a search for a new lawn mower. glad to be here. i have decided on a zero turn and have looked at a number of them, including dixon, lawnboy,gravely, ariens and hustler. i think i have narrowed it down to two, they are the ariens model 17/40, for $3199.00 and the other is the hustler mini fastrack 17/42, for $3490.00. both have the kohler 17 hp courage engines. any imput would be helpful, thanks.
  2. blaze347

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    I have a Hustler and LOVE it!! I'm sure the other is a good mower, but I am very happy with my Hustler.
    Get a suspension seat, it is worth the cost.
  3. nmurph

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    do a search for my name on this site. i have a mft 17/42 and love it. for the $ there is nothing better. IMO. that seems like a good price. i bought mine last june and paid $3100 out-the-door. i know there has been an increase in price.
  4. fishinpa

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    Okay: If I have my facts straight, the 1740 is last years model. I have a local dealer that offered the same modes to me for... 2400.00 I think. I though about it real hard and was looking at it on the second or third visit and realized the font end of it was "bolted" together. IE:The one I was looking at was not a solid welded fame like just about all the other ztrs' out there.

    I wound up spending a bit more for the Hustler 16/42 thinking it would probably be the last mower I'll ever need to buy. I found it for just under 3900.00, so good luck to you!

    I have two cuts in this season so far and I'm loving it!:clapping:

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