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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Alykatz, May 6, 2004.

  1. Alykatz

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    I am assisting my Son who is 20 years old; he has worked a few years in the field and has reached an opportunity to start this year, in his own Business. He is only handling to start with, just Lawn service, later, will come the Landscape. His first objective is Quality care, he has all the equipment, weed whippers, hand tools; Mowers- 2-Scags(48"), 1-36", 2-22" mowers, truck, trailer, and assorted miscellaneous other related: and the most important about 70 accounts! so we feel he is fairly well set with the basics, but one thing, I am looking to help him with is the clippings and unloading them from the pickup. He does not have the resources now to afford, like the EZ- Dump, and we are looking for something to remove the clippings quickly, that he can afford, he has tried the tarp idea, but we are talking over a ton of grass a day-it takes better than an hour. Any suggestions?
  2. hole in one lco

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    Go to jc Whitney on line and look at the crank dump 89.00 and it will pull 2000pounds. Iv got one and it works good for grass gravel dirt.
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    Try to convince his customers to let him mulch. Its better for the grass anyway. Even if he can get half of them to agree to it, I think a tarp in the bed of the truck would be fairly easy to unload.
  4. hole in one lco

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    Hear is the right plase to find what i was taking about.

    may 7, 2004.jpg
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    I've yet to find people that let you make the kind of money you want collecting grass. They don't want to pay for the effort of collecting, especially when they start having the grass fertilized, and then expect to pay the same price for lawn service.
    I don't bag................
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    And I concour :cool: I tell them that I have a mulch kit on the machine and it chops the grass up finer leaving it looking just as good as bagging and they save money because it takes less time, i normally get them to say ok and if not I'll bag it but then I charge alot extra. bagging sucks
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    I'll add my biased input.

    If I'm going to bag the cost will be higher to compensate for it.

    If I'm going to bag AND have to haul it away I'm going to charge a removal fee.

    Is your son doing this? If not he is doing himself a HUGE disfavor.

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