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    Hey guys. My name is Adam Sipe and I am almost 19. I had a lawn service last year and then I went off to bigger and better things. Well now I am back only in a slightly different feild. My friends/biz partner have decided it might be lucritive to go into the home building industry... Guess what? I am the landscaping guy. I want to buy some trucks and equipment for ponds, patios, retaining walls, bbq pits, ect... I am not new to the business end or the construction end of things but I would like some feedback. If we market right, take our time and reseach things, could this be a lucritive business? How many customers would I need to have to make 100,000-200,000 per year (gross of coarse) Am I too far fetched or what? Any tips and ideas or links would be great and helpful!
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    depends on the size of the projects you do.

    our average install is $12K for 1/4 acre or so.

    so 10 of those per year would be a good figure.... just remember that gross sales with install and gross sales with maintenance mean very different things. install numbers are much higher becuase it includes all the materials... you should shoot for the 200K/year or more on install work, as about 1/2 of the figure is materials
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    Welcome... I'd have to say that researching your market would be your best bet. I'm NOT coming down on you because ambition is a good thing, but before you sink a lot of money into a service oriented trade you better make sure that your market will bare what you want to do. There are landscaping compaies everywhere, this I understand. My question is can you compete with your experience and stay competitive. Get your name out there, and I wouldn't personally limit myself to just your buddies construction 'scapes unless you'll be occupying you're spare time working construction. As far as how many customers it would take to make 6 figures (I assume by this that you'll be doing maintenece as well as landscapes and possibly construction) that all depends on who you market and what your bussines plan entails. Who are you going to target, residential or commercial, big or small properties, full service monthly contracts? I don't think anyone here can give you an exact number or even get really close to how many customers it takes to gross 1-200,000 dollars. Remember that your overhead eats away at your bottom line. How much time and materials do you wasted farting around? These are just some things that I would and have personally thought about. If the business is there then go for it and give it your all. If your going into debt for equipment then I personally would be a little nervous. As they say though.....It takes money to make money!......Good luck to you
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    Hey guys, I truely appreciate the great responses. Say, I know this also costs money but would it be a good idea to have a nusery open to the public attached to my shop?
    2)for the excavation of a driveway, what would be a better buy: Skid steer or a back hoe?
    3)I know this costs a lot of money, but does anyone know anything about the Ford F-650?

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