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    I am in the process of starting a landscape construction business. I used to do lawn maintenance and that isn't for me. I know that i'll be much happier creating landscapes, ect... Anyways, I will not start this until the spring of 2006. I want to get a loan for about $100,000 and save about $50,000 for all of my equipment. I am looking at F-650 dump trucks, Ford F-350, Chevy 2500 and Internation 4200 and 4800 dumpers. I am also looking at some CAT skid steers.
    With this type of business, would you do the traditional mailbox fliers to get business or do you choose your customers with sales letters and postcards, even phone calls? There are a lot of landscaping companies here in Chicago and I would really like to stand out. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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    Howdy, thats great you have maintance experance?........But what back round do you have in "Landscape Design"?..Why is a customer gonna pick you over all the other more qualified companies already in bizness?.....Cause "Lowballing" isnt gonna pay off that note!!!!!!!.You dont even know what equipment to start out with?....Whos gonna operate this equipment?..........99% of the jobs we do are done with a shovel, wheel barrow,and a pick-up truck & trailer.? [ small installs $8- 12,000.00]....granted its a F250 or 2500 to carry the weight? w 1 or 2 laborers? in 1 or 2 days?.....Who's gonna sell these jobs?.....Who's gonna estimate them as well?......Where are the materials comeing from?.......Are you gonna "Bank-roll" these jobs as well?.......How long do you plan on being in bizness?.......Is this just a "Summer" job?........Maybe I missed something in your post? or I didnt read between the lines?.......Fill me in alittle, regards Saxon :rolleyes:
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    Here they really seem to target the people selling and buying homes. Some flyer yards that are in poor shape for rock lawn installs. Most seem to just do the yellow pages and wait for calls then get walk up business. People watch and see how the job turns out and if they like what they see they end up buying one as well. One company a few blocks away has done several like that. First they put in one yard, then a few weeks latter they did two more and then a few after that in the same area. Seems to be less competiton in the install vs. the maint. end. People don't want to pay anything to get the maint. done but are more willing to part with the money to get a nice install. I've been seriously considering doing installs myself for that very reason. I see a lot of guys doing sod and rock combo installs. Most use the curbing machines now to speed up the process and just use labor to put it in than machinery for residential. On big jobs they own what they use the most and lease whatever else they need. As for the dumpers here most companies sub it.
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    Semper, you might consider reading Owen E. Dells "How to Start a Home-based Landscaping Business." It is about handling the business end and headaches of landscaping. The guy has thirty plus years of experience. $17.95 list, less at Amazon. I'm pretty much maintenance only now, but think this will help me branch out eventually.

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