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    I know you guys probably hate this question but if you want to know something ya got to ask. I want to get in to this business and I need to know what is the minimum equipment I need to get, to get started. Can I get away with using cheaper residential mowers to get started with? I got about $8,000. Thanks
  2. jsr2741

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    Borrowed 5k. I only needed 4k to get the equipment but went ahead and got an extra grand for operating expense.
  3. TurfGuyTX

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    Do you have a truck or trailer? You'll need a mower, trimmer, fuel cans and a blower at a minimum. An edger, hedge trimmer rake and broom will get you a little more prepared. I'm sure given a little time others will offer some insight to you. Good luck.

    HOOKMEUPRED LawnSite Member
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    I don't have anything yet. I've estimated a truck and a trailer for about $3,000 - $4,000. My other option to cut that down is to just put a hitch on my wife's '99 suburban and let her use my car.
  5. Minnesota

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    Here's what i would do put a hitch on suburban

    you can pick up a used 6x12 trailer for around


    lesco has 48" w/b for $2200

    echo trimmer at home depot $200

    echo blower at home depot $400


    dont forget about insurance

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    I was told by someone (don't know how reliable) that I don't have to get insurance if I don't do commercial property. It didn't seem to me that it would be necessary for one and not the other. Where do I look and about how much for a 1-3 man operation (my two teens)?
  7. Floridalandcare

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    Where in Tampa are you located . We do most of our work in New Tampa and Cheval and Avila with some in Westchase.I could probaly show you some stuff here in Tampa what to buy , where to get it and where to start.If interested E-Mail me back
  8. Minnesota

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    I dont know if its law that you have to have ins.

    and its to protect you. hate to take somebodys

    eye out and they sue you at least this way you

    will be protected

    liability ins. in my area is about $400/year
  9. Expert Lawns

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    not having insurance is a poor way to go about running a business. in the long run, it could bite you in the arse. be careful. you could throw a stone out of your discharge and hit a kid playing 3 yards over, you just never know. :p
  10. HarryD

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    not sure how big of town you live in but we have pawn shops all over mine . surf them for your trimmer and blower most in there are from the poor LCO that didnt have it locked down . you can find some real nice deals . not that long ago I picked up a redmax double blade hedge trimmer that looked brand new for $175 and at the time they were going for about $450 new . you probly could find a decent 21" trim mower in there also

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