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    Ok will do. Last sunday I did three lawns. tomorrow I have two lawns. I have been picking out lawns when driving around that haven't been mowed and it is usually because their mowers broke down or there old. Will add a picture of some of my work soon. It is picking up slowly but surely
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    Btw do not be cheap. How long are those $25 yards taking?
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    You will soon need to get you a riding mower, trust me when I say that push mowing all those yards gets old after while. I started this year with a push mower, weed eater, edger, and a back pack blower. I only so it on the weekend but it gets tiresome... wait til you get a customer that has a two acre yard that they need done every two weeks. That sucks, but you don't want to turn them away cuz you need the customer base.. HA! I've got one of those. What I want to say is be cautious of buying a mower, or ztr, or anything like that. I have bought two fixer uppers on Craig's List just to find that at the end of the summer I'm still push mowing yards. I WON"T continue it this way next year. Keep up the good work. Do a great job. Find out what other companies rates are, and make sure you aren't under cutting the competition. Lets keep it a fair game.
    Remember this:
    Its not about the mower, its about the mow.
    Always use sharp blades.
    Your replaceable, so make it count. Best of luck to you.
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    Those $25 yards are taking about at first two hours, now I'm getting a little more used to it. Can do it in about an hour maybe an hour and 15 minutes. It's funny, yesterday I was counting my money from mowing and have $310 saved up!... I think I am going to keep it and just put it towards the snow because I am doing snow removal as well. I have a $35 weekly mow every Monday which is helping me a lot. The person tipped me $15 dollars the first time and gave me two bottled waters. Then paid a week an advance because they will be out of town this Monday when I mow next. I have been having one or two lawns a day at the moment it seems, the work is getting more and more steadier and really want a ride on mower but it is too late in the season.

    With the savings I have, what do you guys think is a good idea for it? I am sensitive about my money and I think I should just save it lol. But am thinking maybe I should pay a guy to come along with me when I mow and have him go door to door in the neighborhood while I mow?

    Any thoughts on that?
  5. supperdude16

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    Also, Maybe I should buy a trailer? But is that a good decision right before the winter? Should I wait until after winter?

    When does mowing season end?
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    Save as much money as you can. Did you get your truck sorted?. Contact and make an appointment with a councilor. You will learn how to prepare a business plan, that will help you better understand how to run a business and the cost of running a business. The cost is free, other than your time, and a successful business future. Ask about any mentoring programs available for more one on one assistance.
    easy-lift guy
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    Ours slows down in November depending on the weather. We have mowed into December when the weather stayed warm. I wouldn't pay a guy to walk door to door. I would hold off on that.

    So think about this, these yards that are taking a hour to a hour and 15 minutes for $25 is not enough to cover all your costs. You have gas, your pay, the depreciation of your equipment every time you start it, your pay, and so on. Think about the bigger picture when pricing your yards and how much you need to charge to make money when you are sending guys out to do the work. At $25 a yard, you will not cover all your costs, paying 2 guys, gas and all the above mentioned earlier if you continue to grow. Say you continue to grow your business and get enough clients to have guys to mow your properties for you and they take 20-30 minutes with 2 guys to do everything you are looking at paying the customer to mow there yard. Our minimum here is $40 at the lowest and I usually do not charge less than $45. This is what you can do if you want to know what bigger companies are charging so you are pricing competively and not under cutting everybody. Call a couple of companies and have them price your yard or somebodys yard that you know and see what they are charging. This can give you an idea of what you could be charging. Sorry about jumping around but lot of stuff going on and throwing it all in there.
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    No that is good! I will keep that in mind. I will keep up the $25 dollar lawns and keep that in mind what to charge. I think I am going to keep undercutting and then when my time is taken up then start gradually raising prices. And easy lift-guy I did get the truck squared away! Im going to add some pictures for you guys. That's good to know I have a few more months!
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    Here are some pictures




  10. supperdude16

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    Usually the truck doesn't have a bunch of crap in it. In the one of the pics it has a car hood I scraped for a lady on top of my mowers lol.

    usually it is just two mowers, a weed wacker, a leaf blower and a hedge trimmer in my truck

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