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    New guy getting started with 10 or so 100 x 100 lots and I plan to expand. Scag has a special on the 48" Tiger Cub (6k). I have a 42" JD Sabre tractor and will sell it for the Tiger. I have all of the other accessories but would like to get a commercial quality mower. Walk behind would be cheaper but I only want a rider. Two questions:

    Am i jumping in over my head with this investment?
    How much more productivity will the Tiger give over the JD and is it worth the trade up in initial costs?

  2. LawnLad

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    How much time do you have on your hands with 10 lawns? How much is your time worth?

    A riding mower and a ZTR are about as similar as a Buick Roadmaster station wagon compared to a Mini cooper. The scag will be much more nimble and fit into tight locations. You'll be able to turn on a dime and therefore stripe your properties - where as you have "Rodeo" cut or do an eight point turn on a riding tractor.

    If you're squeezing the lawns in as a side job and you're stretched for time - or you figure you'll grow into it quickly, then it's perhaps worth considering.

    If you're looking for work and don't have a full schedule - stay with what you've got until you need to find more time in your schedule.
  3. Jimmy348

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    Thanks for the input. Time is crunched and this will always be part time (side job) until I am either able to hire help or it completely wears me out. I have priced the Dixie model that is comparable and I am more partial to the Scag. I would really like to know which is the better mower or is it just a gut feeling that some individuals stick with one brand or another?

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