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    My story is quite short. I'm just getting into the business this year. I have always enjoyed mowing yards and I used to do alot back in junior high. My friend and I had about 25 accounts we did back then. I decided to give the business a try, part-time to start. I'm using an old beat up '72 chevy, new 5'x10' trailer, craftsman 21" 7h.p. mower and trimmer, a weedeater hand-held blower, plus all the various hand tools and equipment. I have been working 2 jobs to get my wife and I into a house, so for now I haven't had the time to get out and advertise and do much. Now that I have quit the 2nd job I can start in the game. That's my short story. Wish me Luck. Precision Cut Lawn Care
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    Best of Luck to you jh.............:)

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