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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BLandL, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. BLandL

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    What r the tools we need to get a good start in the business. what tools i need, equipment the bear minimums i guess, money is tight, and i really want a business. please help
  2. John P.

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    What do you want to do is the first question you should think of. If you just want to do lawn mowing there are just a few basic tools you would really need, mower for one a weed whacker, and a leaf blower. (preferably all gas) If you want to get into complete lawn maintenance, and take care of peoples hedges plants and trees, you would want hedge trimmers, sheers, rakes, edgers. If you want to get into landscape jobs you are going to need more expensive tools such as a pick up truck and or a utility trailer, wheel barrow's shovels pitch forks, pics, and some other hands tools.
  3. BLandL

    BLandL LawnSite Member
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    thanx much i was interested in primarilly complete lawn care for now then l8er working towards more landscaping. so like can u guys give me specifics, prices, companies i should look into
  4. John P.

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    I know about money being tight, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. What i mean by that is the first mower i bought was a $2200.00 alot more that i would have wanted to spend, but since i have been taking care of it it should last many years. That goes for just about anything you buy you take care of it it will last you. there are other mowers out that that are cheaper but sometimes poor guiltily. Bobcat and hasqvarna in my mind, you get alot for your money. those would be two i would suggest you look into if you are getting a full out commercial mower. As far as weed whackers go my echo cost $210.00 and after using it i think i over paid don't, get me wrong i think echo puts out some great tools, but there are other brands that are half the price weed eater, roybi, toro is another one thats less expensive. Another thing is when you buy it. I bought a gas hedger at wal-mart about 2 months ago and i paid 50 bucks for it in season its 150 dollar Price of equipment. The main thing is shopping around calling around, stopping by the lawn mower store and let them see you there and ask questions. Always try to get a deal.
  5. Tn Lawn Man

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    Very Basics:


    Line Trimmer


    Hedge Trimmer

    Mode of transportation (truck, trailer or whatever)
  6. Gautreaux's LNG

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    Insurance.. think money's tight now wait until you throw a rock and scratch and dent that Lexus in the driveway of the house you're mowing for $30.00 and the repair cost $3500.00!!
  7. out4now

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    What they said...^^^ especially the insureance!

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