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    Hi I am looking at the Fastrak 18/44 or the 20/52. I currently live on 3/4 an acre with a lrage amount of landscaping. In two years I will living on 5 acres with large sloping hills. I will probably only mow 2-3 every week and the rest monthly. I need a mower now that can mow a well manicured lawn and not leave tracks or turning marks, but I will need a mower that can cover some acreage in the near future. Am I kidding myself in thinking that a single mower can do all this. F.Y.I. I am 6.1 and 290 lbs. Does this present a problem when using these machines. Thanks for your time.
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    For sloped areas the FasTrak is not going to be your mower of choice, you want to look at the Mini Z.
    Plenty of power and great hill handling will make this the right choice for you.
    It will handle those 5 acres with ease, and for now make quick work of your current lawn.
    Plenty of leg room on the Mini's also.


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