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  1. This is my biggest to date. The pics start with before work,during,95% done. The reason it is 95% done is b/c i broke a pipe and need to fix it before i can put the last ixora in and remulch the area where the pipe overflowed. Please only comment with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.
    Plants used:
    Maui Ixora
    Dwarf Ixora
    Silver Buttonwood
    Green Island Ficus
    Indian Hawthorne
    Red Impatients

    The liriope were transplanted in their respective oak beds and the philadendrum was moved to the area near the door. The schilling and liriope were moved to the area in front of the ligustrum and ixora.


  2. White Gardens

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    Looks very nice. Good color on the mulch, plant selection, etc..

    Keep it up.

    To make your pics smaller, open them up with a pic program and re-size them to now more than 800 pixels wide and save them, then load them to lawnsite.
  3. JimLewis

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    Nice work! The planting you did really makes a big difference. A lot more curb appeal, now.

    I will second the call for smaller photos. Those suckers were HUGE! I couldn't really see what was going on without scrolling over on every photo. 'Course I am reading this on my laptop. If I was in my office (big screen monitor) I am sure they would have fit better. Regardless, those photos should be no more than 800 x 600 or so.

    Also, try to take your before and after photos from the exact same angle and then put them into the same photo, like this;


    If you're not good at editing or resizing photos, find someone who is and have them spend an hour with you showing you how it's done. It's fairly simple, but there is a big learning curve on some of the photo software these days. Someone who is already familiar with it can save you a TON of time figuring it all out. We all know people like that who are computer savvy and good with photo editing. Just call up that friend and have them help you.
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    Here is a very simple peice of software to resize photos for the forums.

    It works well.

    Nice job.Very clean looking.
    Once the plants mature it will really look great.
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    Great job. You put a lot of work into the job and your efforts payed off. Constructive criticism: moving the philodendrum next to the front door created dual focal points, not so great. By leaving the philo and other tall plants away from the front door and using smaller plants as you get closer to the door, you'll effectively create a tunneling effect in which the eye will be drawn to the front door, which is the main focal point of any property as you view it from the street. That job was a lot of work. Again, Great job.
  6. Kiril

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    Why are the oaks grouped? Looks like 5 trees on that one mound.
  7. thanks for the positive comments guys! this was my first big job.
    As far as the philo goes, they wanted it there? I recommended some smaller shrubs but the wife was insistant on keeping it so whatever. It's not doing good right now so it may get tossed anyways.
    As far as the oaks, the beds were like that when i took the job on. I think its actually kinda cool.
  8. CALandscapes

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    Looks much better. I'd say you did really well for this being your first "big job."

    Keep it up, and be sure to learn as you go along...
  9. Kiril

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    Personally, I would push the client hard to get rid of all but one of those oaks.
  10. not gonna happen, they really love them. i really dont care either. the only thing i want to get rid of is the philadendrum. the wife is so adement about keeping the plants that were there before.....

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