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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawnandorderny, Jan 25, 2008.

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    First of all, I love this web site and truly value everyones opinions. First, what can people tell me about an Everride walk behinds. Good, bad, let me now if they are any-good. Also, I am just getting started and I am looking at buying an already established company. Other than some of the obvious questions walk should I be looking at. The company has about 30 (mostly residential) accounts and is looking at selling some equipment. What is the going rate for already established accounts. It looks like he is asking about a years worth for the accounts.??? Please let me know what people think and what to watch for . He is also selling a Ferris 3000z with mulitple attachments for 7500, its a 2005? Thanks
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    How much you talking about

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    Personally, I wouldn't purchase accounts because there is usually no guarantee that the customer will keep you. Put some money into advertising and do quality work and you will have 30 accounts in no time. Are the accounts on any kind of contract? The going rate also really depends on your area. Also, the mower depends a lot on how many hours are on it and what the attachments are. Another question is are all of the attachments useful to you. Just giving you some stuff to think about. Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide.
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    I agree with the point of the accounts staying with me, that is my biggest concern. What do people think of an Everride for a walk behind mower? The answer to the first response is about $30,000 for 24 accounts, truck, plow, Ferris 3000z, Ferris walk behind and a bunch of other necessary equ.
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    I am thinking...
    60'' Toro Ztr 25hp Kawasaki... 7500- 8000
    40'' Toro Hydro Wb 15hp Kawasaki w/ 1 wheel velke: 4,500
    6 X 12 trailer, wood floor, 3500 pound axle... 1,200
    Stihl fs-85 string trimmer.... 300
    Stihl br600 back pack blower ... 500

    Pay $15,000 for all that brand new, tax, title, license, registration, warranty, smile and have a nice day.

    All kinds of stuff like shovel and tarp and rake and pens and paper and wheel barrow and ladder and knick knack crap: $2,000
    Sounds like a lot but it adds up quick, especially if you want an edger, hedge trimmers or a chainsaw too...

    Then spend 4-5,000 on advertising... LOL!
    And keep 5-8g for yourself, likely you'll need it yet.
    I'd even skip the Z, and I'd get a gear-drive T-bar Toro but that's just me.

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