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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Cruz717, Oct 7, 2012.

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    I cut that property on Friday,I currently work for someone.
    I've been laying back, saving the cash and learning from all you guys for awhile now, not now,not yet but soon it will happen, I am a patient person.
    that being said The equiptment on the trailer is a Toro grandstand 52" a wright sentar 36", lawnboy push mower and my baby a Hustler super z 60"
    The trailer, up front has a vac system to the box, we use almost everyday as we bag most of the time.
    I must say the hustler combined with the vac and clam shell can really take some grass, been using this set up for years and let me tell you we are extremly efficient. We cut what you can till the clamshell fills up, drive up to trailer, I actually dump my clippings on my trailer, not next to the truck, as many do. The vac system on the trailer is mounted so that the intake side is facing into my trailer, but if needed the hose extend so that if I choice to dump along side my trailer I can as well.

    The stripes you see where done with the hustler, with some gator blades I believe. This cut we didnt bag.
    Imagine the stripes would have even been brighter if we had.
    To answer the question, no it doesnt freak me out at all yet, but The guy I work with tells me here hears people talking to him.....He makes me laugh
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    It actually look like it starting to rut, but thats not the case, This property is always ,always cut in a diffrent direction, its prettey big big and my choices inwhich direction to cut is endless, I believe its a combination, of us cutting it at 3 1/4 inches, the weight of the mower, and also that it was covered in dew, in places. I noticed what your saying, so I actually stopped, in the begginng and looked, if you gently rubbed the tire marks it would shoot straight up and match the center, so I was ok with it, and it looked good.
    Trust me new property, do not want to do anything wrong,I may work for someone else, but i work everyday as if it where my company, I consider it mental training.
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    Makes sense.

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