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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RMJ619, Sep 4, 2009.

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    New to this forum

    I am having a home built in the Philadelphia, Pa suburbs and we just hydroseeded to property on August 25th. Grass is showing throughout the property and I have the following questions as I have never dealt with a new lawn before.

    1- What can I do this fall to the lawn to help it for next year.
    2 - Are there any products specifically for newly hydroseeded lawns
    3- In 2010 What program can I follow throughout the year for the nicest lawn.

    Thank You for any advice
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    I would not do a lot this fall other than keep it watered. You could apply a high phophorus, fall fertilzer if you wanted in another month or so.

    If you get any weeds in your lawn, don't worry about them until next year. Let the grass get a good start and a few mowings and when you start mowing it will help with the weeds anyway. When you start mowing don't mow it low but do mow it often.

    In the spring if you have weeds you could use a weed and feed type fertilzer. As far as care after that it depends a lot on what is happening with your lawn. If you have no problems there won't be a lot you need to do.

    Another thing you could look at is an organic approach which will give you a great lawn by building a healthy soil rather than the more artificial approach chemicals do.

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