Newly hydrosseded and Old existing Fertilizing Schedule?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by haventhrows, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation for a weed/fertilizer application schedule. Recently cleared and hydroseeded my backyard which was over grown with weeds, wildberries, brush etc... The grass is coming in well except for a fews small spots that get excessive water from run off after storms and have a (cotton, spider-like) fungus killing them. I would like to get the new lawn on a weed killing and fertilizing schedule as well as the front lawn which isnt in the best shape, mix of weeds and grass when looking up close. Any recommendations for fertilizing and weed prevention? I want to be careful and not damage the new lawn because it is coming in well. According to most professionals, you should fertilize after the first or second mowing. I just mowed the new lawn yesterday and was looking to fertilize. Thank You in advance!
  2. haventhrows

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    Some more information. I am located in Eastern Pennsylvania. The new grass is a sun/shade mix of Kentucky Blue Grass, Rye and Fescue.
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    A good lawn fertilizer to build up thicker turf would be a good bet. Make sure is has a good percentage of slow release nitrogen, (at least 12 percent). Scotts is the most common retail brand. Apply again after about 4 more weeks. Winterizer would work OK also. You can probably omit weed control until spring; frost and mowing will kill a lot of the summer weeds...however...if weed control is needed, wait until new grass has been mowed twice.

    Fungus growth or mold is not good. Pythium can take out large areas of new seed...especially if you have standing water or high temperatures.
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    Riggle is right about winterizer being OK now,,, should be fine with .5 lbs/k or even .75 lbs/k... by my experience, winterizer doesn't seem to affect much after the middle of October here, so I try to finish the winterizier by then, so I'll fert now then again in mid October...
    You may have more time further South, but I believe that fert is no longer being used by the plant when the soil reaches the cold temps of Fall... New research indicates that fert that lasts into the winter accomplishes nothing, but is wasted, and old research says you do not want fert on too early in the Spring either...

    Also we do a lot of weed spraying in October, unless there has been a long dry spell, during leaf cleanup...

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