Newly seeded bare areas coming in all patchy...why? (pics)

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Dave88LX, May 10, 2008.

  1. Dave88LX

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    Please forgive me if this is a very basic question, I'm just curious why this came in like this.

    I had a few old shrubs that I pulled out as well as this big ridiculous planter I dug out, and filled in with some dirt I had around. I was told to get the seed down right before the 'big rain' that came a couple weeks ago, which I did the day or two prior. I've watered it religiously 2x/day, before and after work.

    It seems as though the seeds that did take are doing very well, but for some reason it is just extremely patchy. It was very evenly spread when I put it down.

    I'm wondering if perhaps the rain or water caused the seed to run off in some areas causing this? Should I just sprinkle down some topsoil and re-seed the bare spots? Will it just spread and cover the bare spots? I used a Scott's Turf Builder Tall Fescue Mix.

    Thank you.
    - Dave



  2. Smallaxe

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    Reseed is about all you can do. Lots of reasons for patchiness. Don't sweat it.
  3. DBL

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    yeah reseed and also if its in the budget throw down some lawn starter fert.
  4. RAlmaroad

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    Yea, as already stated above. Reseed this time by scratching the soil. apply your seed lightly in one direction, lightlytouch with the back of your rake. Do a second layer in the opposite direction at right angles, and finally a third pass of seed in the original direction, cover lightly with some organic matter and water lightly. Sometimes too much water will pond and leave the area bare. Cover with straw and keep moist for two weeks. Do not over water though. It happens to all of us many times. I planted centipede two times at $30/pound--nothing. Probably just the master making us all feel humble. Reseed like the other guys said.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Did you say Scotts "Turfbuilder Tall Fescue Blend"? Unfortunately "Turfbuilder" is Scotts name for a really cheap seed blend that they make special for Home Depot and other discount houses. Use Scotts "Pure Premium". Spend 5 dollars more and get a whole lot better seed. Tall fescue is a little slow. If you have a grass sprout on every square inch of soil--it will be fine just keep watering and fertilize about every three weeks until it is thick. Tall fescue does not creep--it will not fill in bare spots--not much. Some bluegrass mixed in will help the lawn creep better and improve the thickness.
  6. Dave88LX

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    Yeah, I actually got it at Home Depot, that might explain why I have what I have. If I bought the seed last year, kept it in a cool, dry basement over the winter/spring, is the seed still good? I mean, of course not as good as the stuff you mentioned probably, but I may as well still use it (maybe in addition to the Pure Premium you mentioned)...or is the seed dead now?

    I wasn't able to finish fixing my lawn last year, I need to try again this year. I need to go get some topsoil and fix/level a few areas first.
  7. Dave88LX

    Dave88LX LawnSite Member
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    It did actually finally start to come in better though.


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