Newly sodded Tifway 419


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Sodded my new yard in September. It took hold just fine. Weeds are now growing but grass is still dormant. What is the best fertilizer/weed killer combo to use on my yard and when should I apply. I did not add anything to the sod when installed as I was told that it can damage grass until it has fully taken hold.


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If it has pegged(taken root) you will be fine. How have the temps. been for the 5-6 months??? I would say go ahead and treat it as established turf. Early spring hit it with nitrogen, maybe some phosphorus, etc. dimension, 24d, etc. You can spot the broad leaf weeds. My opinion. Soil test never hurts either.
If you are still able to pull up the sod, then it's not established.

What are your current temps? I would green up first with a good basic combo first, then treat for weeds. Doing a pre-emerge app now if it's just the start of growing season.

Except for the pre-emerge app, no use doing post emerge until you have a steady above 50 degree temp. Once you go below that temp, the effectiveness of post emergent chem is so reduced, might as well feed it to the horses.
On preemergent herbicides, wait at least one full year from establishment prior to use. Root pruning will occur and your turf isnot established enough to take this stress.
Identify the noxious weeds for us here, and with this information, more direction may be possible.


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To be on the safe side, avoid pre-m this spring, but don't let it suffer for water or N. 1.5#N/1000ft2 every six weeks through the growing season is a good starting point especially if you are in the blackland clay region. Old-time sod growers swear by 17-17-17 every 4-6 weeks, but I think they often are quick to overapply. 419 shows every weed due to its short nature, but post-emerge products should have you in shape by mid summer. Hope you enjoy mowing at least twice per week.

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