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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Greenery, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Greenery

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    Ok so I've seen and heard a few times now from local news and radio to stay off your lawn. With these unseasonably warm temperatures the grass has really greened up and started growing to the point that some could be mowed allready.

    I didn't ever here why we shouldn't but am curious to know what some of you think. What is the theory or science behind their statement?

    By the way in the past I've heard some pretty crazy things on the news regarding lawncare that just don't jive with me.

    Note - I'm not really concerned with their reccomendation and am not looking for advice really. I would just like to hear your take on it.
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  2. RigglePLC

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    Never hear of anything like stay off your lawn in spring. However if the lawn has frost on it, so the grass blades are actually frozen solid, then brown foot prints will appear for a few days. Called "frost tracks".
  3. Greenery

    Greenery LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ya me neither, that's why I'm asking.

    Frost or freezing definitely isn't a problem.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has some insight on there statement.

    Where are they getting this stuff from? Are they just pulling it out of there a$$. Maybe a local contractor is feeding them their opinion, info from the UofM. Maybe their janitor.
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  4. Smallaxe

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    For the same reason you have weight limits on roadways in the Spring, there may be a possibility of soft, recently thawed soil that hasn't sufficiently dried out yet to withstand the 'compaction' issues with heavier soils... same with 3 days of soaking rains and running over the lawn with a ztr right after its done... JMO, of a possibilty... :)
  5. jvanvliet

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    I walk all over the lawns, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall :D
  6. Think Green

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    I am from the south where the common turfgrass of choice is Bermuda and Zoysia. As this turf goes dormant.......it turns brown. The stems etc become brittle to the pressures of foot, lawn mower,etc. It is thought that walking on the brittle grass will damage the frozen loose soil underneath. Just as smallaxe stated--As the soil thaws.....sometimes uneven in places until the temperatures resume in the spring....less damage occurs. In my case with bermuda lawns, the stems break rather easily and become eroded with stubble upon hard rains.
    I for one will attest that we don't live by these rules anymore. To pee on the dog..........hand raking lawns in the fall and winter causes even more damage to the turf than expected. Once can say that this removed the dead matter and thatch, but who is to put sole response into all of nature's fury on staying off the grass.

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