News paper add rough daft. Let me have it boys.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by olebrooklawn, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. olebrooklawn

    olebrooklawn LawnSite Member
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    I will be placing an add this week.

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  2. jvanvliet

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    Like the color, maybe a little more about services and a tag line like "prices starting @ $...
  3. KS_Grasscutter

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    Looks great so far, but you need a call to action. Like "call today for a free estimate" or if you're more hungry for work, something like "10% off your quoted mowing price for 2012" or "second cut free with annual mowing agreement". Would probably also list your key services at the bottom. Something like this:

    Mowing-Fertilization and Weed Control-Snow Removal​

    Did you design your logo yourself? If so what program did you use? And if not, did you go through someone online, and if so, who? I am thinking about using Plan-It graphics to do a logo for me, as well as probably some post cards or door hangers.
  4. olebrooklawn

    olebrooklawn LawnSite Member
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    Yes design it my self. On my signs services and my phone number is orange everything else is green. In the paper its all gonna be black and white I'm sure.
    This is my first time placing an add in the paper. Im just gonna see how well it goes.
  5. olebrooklawn

    olebrooklawn LawnSite Member
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    here a new version

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  6. KS_Grasscutter

    KS_Grasscutter LawnSite Gold Member
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    I'd lose the "prices starting at $20", it just seems very low, and everyone is gonna assume that is what their lawn is worth. Then again, your market may be a bunch of small yards that are worth $20 lol.

    And with the 10% off thing, the crucial part of that is to bid new work 10% high LOL.

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  8. mowerbrad

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    I like the design of the add, but be careful about making it too busy. I know many guys on here will tell you to start listing services you offer and putting a bunch of other "crap" on it, but then it just becomes too busy. The newspaper is already full of a bunch of words, crammed onto the if your ad is a bunch of words, crammed into the allowed space, then it just starts to blend in to the rest of the newspaper.

    When you put the ad in, you want it to stand out and since it will most likely be in black and white, you need it to be arranged differently than everything else in the paper.

    I know someone suggested putting the 10% off and "prices starting at..." part but are you really okay with giving these new customers 10% off their season's bill. On an $800/year account, that's $80 you are giving up. While $80 may not be a lot in the big picture of things, that $80 adds up when you apply that to 10 new accounts, in other words, that would be $800 over the coarse of the season that you just gave up.

    I also would be careful about putting the starting price part on there. Usually you just get price shoppers from statements like that and price shoppers are never GOOD customers.

    Having a good tag line is nice, but it can be something as simple as "Hurry, Call Today!". Obviously the more creative you get the better result and more noticeable it becomes, but it just has to be something somewhat catchy.

    I'd stick to the original design with some catchy slogan or tag line toward the end.
  9. PROCUT1

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    The last 3 lines can go. They dont do anything but take up space and give no extra incentive to call.

    Keep it simple.

    People are not going to write down your number or keep the ad. The trick is getting someone to read the ad and PICK UP THE PHONE NOW and call. If they dont do that you have lost their attention. Likely especially this time of the year they are not looking for lawn services in the newspaper. They are reading the news.

    Put something in there to entice them to see the ad, have the lightbulb go off in their head that they need a lawn service and reach for the phone.

    "Call before xx date for a free xx"

    "Sign up before xx for xx off your service"

    "Call before xx for our early bird discount"

    Something that has a date(soon) that they need to take action to receive some benefit.
  10. olebrooklawn

    olebrooklawn LawnSite Member
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    Here it is

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