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  1. mike48114

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    I would like to start sending out a monthly or quartly newsletter to our clients as well as potental clients. Does anyone out there have any recomendations on producing this in house or having a print shop create it. Any input on the subject would help...Thanks!:cool2:
  2. KerryB

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    Depends on how much printing is involved. If you want a tri-fold newsletter in color and you have more than just a handfull to do, I think a print shop would be best.
    First is the cost of ink. Those little cartridges are costly. Even if you reink your own its a lot of wear and tear on a home printer.
    If you use a print shop you should think far enough ahead as to allow time for set up and printing and mailing.
    If you are sending out enough of them you can check out the bulk mailing rates at the post office. Using this service will save you money.
  3. GarPA

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    We do a quartery newsletter. Took a marketing class last year and the speaker said, that next to refrigerator magnets, these are one of the most effective and inexpensive "keep your name in their face" strategies that one can use.

    Mine is 2 pages in Word never more than 2 ...1 is actually better. I then take it to Staples to run the copies. Very inexpensive and will really set you apart from your competition. Have gotten a number of positive comments from res/commercial customers. It also lets you showcase how much you know about the landscape. Since some customers may assume you only know how to mow grass, since that is the only service they have asked for, ....this is a subtle way of letting them know you know much more.
    But if you start it, dont stop you will have promised something you didn't live up to. And thats worse than not doing it at all.
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  5. mike48114

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    If you do a page or 2 in word, how do you mail it? With billing, In its own envelope, fold the paper and stamp????
  6. GarPA

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    Mike...after I have the copies made, I fold it and put it in a stamped envelope....the monthly bill might be included depending on when I have the newsletter ready to go. If not, I send it in a separate envelope.

    Keep in mind, for some of them, they were one time only landscape customers so there will be no invoice....I keep them on the mailing list for one year (4 newsletters)...if they dont do any repeat business in one year, I drop them from the list. I;m not going to teach them all I know indefinately if they dont continue to spend a little coin with me at least once a year.

    Hope that answers your questions
  7. mike48114

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    great point. Do you send enough out to get bulk mailing or do they get you for 37 cents a pop?
  8. GarPA

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    if this hows up twice I dont know why...thought I sent the reply but I dont see it out I just put stamps on them...I do need to start taking advantage of the bulk rates when I have enough at one time. Trust me...Mr Customer is paying the postage on these...he just doesn;t know
  9. Green in Idaho

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    E-mail newsletter.
    No problem.

    Easy to do, and NO postage.

    In conjunction with a Web site, it's a winner!

    Yes, I know not everyone has e-mail but most. And for the cost to reach those do not have e-mail, that is a lot spent per contact.
  10. BravesFan

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    There's a software package you can find at costco stores called "the Print Shop" by Broaderbund. The software is great for making biz cards, greetings cards, brochures, newsletters, etc. VERY professional stuff. A great investment for $40.


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