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  1. JML

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    I was wondering, are newsletters to customers worth the time, other than offering services.. Do any of you have any newsletters you could forward to me to look at. I was thinking about designing one for my company, but i don't know if it is worth the time..<p>thanks<br>joe
  2. Lazer

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    For smaller companies, I like the idea of the services that design/print a standard professional one for you. Your name/logo go on top (Masthead they call it) and it's the most bang for your buck, with no time from you.
  3. lbmd1

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    Joe,<br> We started using newsletters as a way of increasing per customer revenue last year. We put together articles on the benefits of dethatching and aeration and a rough price based on square footage. Also we explained the FAQ's that customers usually ask as well as general articles on fertilizing and seasonal tips. You would not believe the positive response we received as well as the old ladies now telling me that they want their lawn dethatched because it had never been done before. Another thing to do is include a checklist of the services you offer and have them check it off and send it back to you. We had people who normally just had their lawns cut requesting many other services that they never had us perform before. My advice, put out a newsletter, but take your time doing it right. This will reflect your professionalism in doing business as well. If you need a copy of ours, post me your email and I'll forward it along. I also have some professional clip art images from Toro if you need them.<p>Mike
  4. JML

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    Mike, my e-mail address is thanks for the newsletter..
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    There was an article in the last issue of (I think) Landscape Management. A guy wrote that they had a newsletter done quarterly by an agency and with photos etc it cost them $2500 per quarter. This was for 1000 copies. I would hope that a smaller but still professional newsletter can be done for less. <p>Mike: I'd like to see a copy of your newsletter and the Toro images as well. My email is Thanks! <p>
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    Mike,<br> I would greatly appreciate it if you could please send me your newsletter and the images. it would help me out a lot<br> thanks for your help<br>Dingo
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    I would like a copy too, if it isn't too much trouble. <p><br>
  8. $2.50@ for a newsletter?<p>I can do my own using a puter program and<br>my (used) HP lazer printer for about $.01@.<p>If you sell your new customers every service<br>on your inital contact what is point of sending out newsletters? Just to give them<br>information. If they want information they<br>should buy a book or listen to Jerry Baker.
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    Newletters are used by professional companies only.
  10. nlminc

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    Mike, could you send me a copy also? My e-mail is<br>thanks, Chris

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