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Vancouver, WA
I put out a monthly, 2-sided newsletter. I found that the bigger I grew, it was a great way to communicate with my clients. I also use it to promote additional services and try to keep it light and informative. It's self-produced on a standard publishing computer program and while it's time intensive, my customers always comment on how much they like and look forward to reading it every month. It's a huge time committment every month but if I were to stop now, I think it would be missed.

Anyone else use a newsletter? Care to share comments or ideas?


LawnSite Senior Member
I agree on keeping in touch with my customers as well. I do a newsletter 2 times a year. One just before fall, and the other just before spring.

I have about 700 customers that I have done work for at one time or another, so it is good to keep in touch with them.

As for my regular customers I sometimes ad a newsletter to their invoices from time to time.