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I think they are a great idea, I would like to see some examples just for ideas. I hope to put my own in place this year. I worked for a company that did one and their revenue was over $2 million a year.


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We publish one a month and include "specials" only for clients. Its a soft sell that brings back a small return.

I enjoy it. I cannot be on every job every week so this is one way I communicate with all our clients. I also include a monthly "how are we doing" questionaire. It eliminates those problems that I used to get...weeks months later clients bring up a problem. This newsletter and card stop any problems as they may happen. I recommend using a newsletter. I started doing it quarterly then went monthly last year. Its a great way to let clients know we do more than just cut lawns.

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I am going to send out a winter news letter with this months bill's but I got one hang-up, I'm not sure how to adress it, like Dear ??????. I don't feel like making a seperate one for evey customrer. Any body got any ideas???


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use dear. I have it change for me for each client depending on how well I know them, but Dear.. works best. I find the newsletters are good for upselling in good times, and appologising in bad times. Lets them know you care and worth the $$ to keep them as customers.



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At the end of the mowing season, I sent out a one page letter informing all of my clients know how my business was going and all of the services I do. Behind the letter was a questionaire about my services they already recieve. If they sent the questionaire in within X amount of days they recieved a discount off of that months invoice ( which was included) I had 90% send them back and now I know exactly what part of my service needs to be improved and what they were happy with. In the spring I plan to do the same thing again, since I offer winter service as well. I think if you're going to send out a newsletter spend a few minutes and make out a questionaire. I found out exactly what the client likes and dislike.

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Hello Friends,

We just started our newsletter at the end of 2000. We have had a great response. I have had the idea brewing for sometime. It wasn't until we started Marty Grunder's system that we went forward with it. It really sets us apart from the competition. Also, it gives us an opportunity to "up-sell" which can be a great profit generator.

Studies have shown that as many as three "other" people will see a newsletter before it is discarded. Your clients have friends over! Right?

We do ours in full color both sides. A color printer helps as well as a color copy center.

Someone mentioned that they send out a questionair. We do this also. It is sent every six months to all clients with a self-addressed stamped return envelope. It lets them know that we care and gives them a chance to give us some feedback.

Remember that we are in the customer service business!

Thanks for all the responses. Thanks to Eric for sending the past threads to this topic as well.



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I have not sent out newsletters in the past, but we do send out a coupon flyer with all our spring newsletters in February. We use a dollar discounted service appropriate for each month of the year. I have found better results in my area from dollar discounts versus percentages. I just thought this might be an idea you folks could somehow incorporate into your memos and newsletters to customers as well.