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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Mar 14, 2000.

  1. Green Acres

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    I put an ad in a local newspaper that goes out to around 100,000 people. This is what the ad looks like <br>GREEN ACRES <br>Lawn & Landscape <br>Aeration Mowing Seeding <br>Insured (Phone Number)<p>There's about 20 other ads in there and I'm the 7th one listed. Do I need to try and move up to be the first one or stay where I'm at. Also they have a section where you can put a business card in the paper. Should I try something like that? I just thought it was weird that 100,000 people get the paper but no calls yet!! THANKS CHAD<br>
  2. Charles

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    Sounds like a good ad to me. So many companies try ot be first by putting an A first in their headline. As it was told to me people usually read all adds before calling. I am about 4th inline. I am not at all happy to the quantity of calls or the quality. In a town of about 200000. Thinking about putting an ad in the phone book too. NOw when I started out 9 years ago I avg about 10 calls a day off that add. There is just soo much competition out there. Companies with fliers etc. The cost of the adds keep going up and the response keeps going down.
  3. steven Bousquet

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    why not try different ads, some testing? thats what the pro's do. I have about 12 ads that rally work. One like. READ THIS FISRT. For 10 years I've been very successful in landscaping. What's my secret? I deliver What I promise. Call me! Steven, your on time Landscaper. This works.
  4. lawnoasis

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    When placing ads in newspapers or the phone book....bigger is better. A small one line ad in the phonebook will do you very little than a reference for clients who already know you. A large 1/6-1/4 page ad will do wonders. Dollar for dollar newspapers aren't bad if you can get at least 2 full service yearly clients to cover your costs and troubles. We're doing direct mail at about 2000 per zip code 5 zips. Response is 2% so far. Total cost $3,300. Each full service (mow,fert,cleanups,aerate,)avg about $1,500 per account, so it doesn't take much of a response to get a head.<br>Good luck<br>Tim<br>in Omaha
  5. GrassMaster

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    Hello Everybody:<p>I would only go with three lines. Have all of it bold faced.<p>Put Lawn Service or Lawn Maintenance first, then Company Name then Phone number.<p>Make sure all letters are bold faced, It will make all the difference in the world. <p>If you want to get the most bang for the buck. Place it in Sundays & I believe Thursday. From there it is slim pickings & not worth it unless you need work very bad.<p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page
  6. steven Bousquet

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    Just a few questions on ad copy. Which ad do you like better. Pepsi,cans or bottles,657-8976,insured. OR Thristy? have an Ice cold Coke and a Smile, it's the real me and I'll bring it to your door. 675-9786.<p> Tom's lawncare, 678-9559,insured.<br>or Looking for a better lawn? Iam an expert in seeding and lawn repair. call tom and I'll deliver to your door.
  7. Green Acres

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    Point well taken Steven. I have made up new ad since the original post. I'm going to put it in another paper and see how it does. In this one I didn't say mowing seeding etc. I think people will think this is all you do. So I'll let you know how this new ad does. Thanks
  8. steven Bousquet

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    The one thing I rreally love about being in business is marketing and copywriting ads. I study and test marketing all the time. Ihave thousand sof dollars worth of stuff that doesn,t work, and i have ads that are outstanding. have fun withit and test every ad and marketing idea. be different than your competion they don't always know what thet are doing. Good luck

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