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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Madstriper, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Being a new LCO, and not having but one customer, I decided to run an ad in the city paper. Under the "Dial-A-Professional" section. Three lines for $112.05.
    Came out this morning, got a call at 8 am, went and bit on it, got it. Weekly service for $35 bucks each service. Just mow, trim, and blow for now. Besides dodging the Land Mines (Boxer will be inside when I mow).
    I was going to price it at $25, but after listening to everyone on here, decided to bump it up. I should take me only 20 minutes. Its located exactly in the area I want to service the most.
    So, ad is paid for, anything else from the ad or connections from this customer is a great thing.!!!!!!
    Dont laugh, I am very proud of my two contracts.
    By the way, for now I am using a Honda 21", Echo SRM210 trimmer, and Echo blower.
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    Hey Mad.....what area you wanna work in?.......I am very selective where I work, so I may have some to throw your way later!! I just got serious this year and up to 9, and I am only parttiming it. Word of mouth is working SOOO very well for me. I havn't posted the first flyer yet. Hope my luck holds out.

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