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Newspaper Ads


LawnSite Senior Member
Northwest Ohio
Anyone have a winning ad for lawn service? I placed one in my local paper last year and only recieved one call. Ad last year was as:<br>Mowing Residential&Commerical reasonable rates. Only one call. Ad was placed first week of April,living in Northwest Ohio. Any help will be greatly appreicated. Mowman


LawnSite Bronze Member
Sacramento CA
Mowman,<br>Maybe try a different paper. I had great luck with a weekly local paper distributed in the area I cover. Your ad was fine, maybe list the communities you serve? My ad was $72 for three weeks. Good luck

steven Bousquet

LawnSite Member
copy sells , use a head line and test diferent ads . look at the same question ask last week for more info. Shocking report! local landscaper using amazing techinque that thrills clients.