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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Total.Lawn.Care, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Has anyone used the newspaper for wide spread distribution of fliers? Did it bring many calls and help you land new customers.

    I was thinking about printing off about 10,000 fliers and having them inserted into some of the smaller newspapers (like the walmart, Bestbuy, Home Depot Ads etc) for distribution. Has anyone else had this idea or actually done this. any feeedback would be apreciated.
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    I'm wondering about this too...

    How much does it cost(not counting the flyer cost obviously)?

    Do YOU insert them, or give them to someone to insert?

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    I've contacted my local newspaper about this also. The response I recieved was they can do it by area code approx 10,000 per area. The cost to have them insert your made flyer is the same as if they made a 3x6 flyer 1 color 1 side, if my memory serves me correctly it was around $390. Not too shabby but the area is several miles. You would be better off targeting areas of specific interest.
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    I have used my local newspaper to distribute flyers. I only did it for two years though. When I started out I printed 6000 flyers and the newpaper stuffed and delivered them to their routine subscribers. After my first year I had 43 clients and this was basically the only advertising I did. Two in early March and one in Late May.
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    I recall posting about this elsewhere the past few days. I've got to write a page on my advertising stuff. It's so much easier and complete that way.

    In brief - yes, I've inserted flyers to the paper. And it worked fine. I almost got more results from a couple of thousand flyers in 2000 papers, than I did with the display ad in 15,000 papers -that would be about a 2" x 7" display ad.

    The full size 8.5 x 11 sheet slip out nicely and conveniently, versus the tearing out of an ad, or search for a pen.

    You should be able to target the zones.
  6. hmalexan

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    How many accounts did you pick up? I have thought about doing this again but wanted to make sure the flyer's really got me the business and not just some fluke.
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    Like stated before by someone, you will only hit the delivered papers to routine subscribers. You will not want to do it on a Sunday or even Saturday...unless, of course someone else has that and it has worked, then I'm just ********...

    I think I got a return of about 2% if I remember right...You can cover an entire zip code or bet for your money...
  8. Lawnmasters

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    I have been in sales for 27 years. The first 10 in the insurance business, the last 17 years in our Landscaping business. We used postage paid flyers that would be inserted in newspapers. I was starving until I started using them. They worked great in that business. Don't be surprised if you only get .5% return. 10,000 put out, 50 cards returned. These are the type of card that the individual fills out their name, address, phone, etc, what ever you put on the card. The card is postage paid, they mail it back.

    I have not used postage paid return cards in landscaping, lawn care. I have done flyer inserts. About the same return. My experience showed that a one time insert of a couple thousand was only disappointing, mass volume makes it work.
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    Wasn't sure who you were asking...

    But in my case, my projects are one-time, not accounts. But most people who hire me, call back for repeat work. So I gain far more than I loose.

    On my flyers, I avoid "deals" and coupons, these days.

    When I put "10%" off on flyers years ago, then it seemed like it netted-in more bargain hunters; less dedicated to our company.

    Now, I keep it simple - Here's our name, what we do, what our license number is, and how long we have done this.

    Realize, there are many people already doing what you are thinking about. And they are all getting a cut of the action, but you are getting none.

    So once you put your flyers out there, you will get your cut of the action that you are not getting now.

    You will only get huge results if your flyer lists something that is radically different about you.

    If the other companies have 5 years experience, and you boldly print that you have 25 years, that can get you a bigger chunk of the action.
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