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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by stevenf, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. stevenf

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    Advertising is just around the corner for me. Was really going to hit it hard this season with doorhangers. I have also been looking at some type of bulk mailout the past few seasons. With the Advocate newspaper, I can get 7,500 flyer inserts for $675.00. That includes the printed 5.5x8.5 flyers. It is A LOT cheaper then postcards.
    Have any of you done the newspaper inserts in the past? If I get a .05% return and close on half of them... That would be 18.75 new accounts. It seems worth it unless you guys have learned otherwise...???
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    Visit our website at to see hundreds of different layout ideas as well as exclusive images to set your company apart from the competition. We have a FREE marketing handbook and planner that can be downloaded with helpful tips.

    With us working with so many companies in the green industry we haven't heard of many companies doing newspaper inserts. Most companies want more control over the demographic who they marketing to and will opt to do a mass mailing. Don't forget about existing customers - market add on services to them to ensure they are aware of all the services you offer. Statement stuffers that can fit in a #9 or 10 envelope, no extra postage to mail
  3. Mahoney3223

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    i've had mixed reviews. i've done it 3 years now. awful results first year, 1 job out of it, 2nd year i got about 3 new mowing customers and a few mulch/fert accounts, and last year 1 job. it's very weather dependent..make sure you do the inserts when its right around spring-time and people are thinking about spring. i don't know if i'll do it again to be honest.
  4. yard_smart

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    We do insert, but we have received a better return unserting the monday trading post paper. We also use postcards instead of thin inserts. Prospect thinks it a regular post card that got mixed in with the mail. We will start our spring mail campaign in two weeks
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  5. walker-talker

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    Whats the frequency of the newspaper? I have done some monthly newspapers and had no real luck with them. I can do 10,000 flyers insterted for $300 in a senoirs newspaper and do it zip code specific. I won't even attempt unless I go at least three months, starting in March. I have to print the flyers at that cost.
  6. Scagg Mann

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    We tried it first time last year 50K flyers had good results. We are going to be doing 100,000 flyers this year. getting them printed for about .027 per copy and .05 cost for the insert. We used taredel printing (ask for wendy) they make great artwork. We look forward to seeing positive results.
  7. walker-talker

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    I did about 20,000 a few years ago. Just a one time insert. Get this....0 calls....yes....0. I wonder if they were ever really inserted. These weren't cheap flyers either.

    flyer front.jpg
  8. Mahoney3223

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    3 free mowings?? explain
  9. walker-talker

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    New customers only, must be weekly mowing accounts, must signup by may 15th and the last 3 mows were free. I can't remember, but I think I had set the credit limit amount to $100.
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