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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by chimmygew, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Thought I'd ask the ones that have had fliers placed in their local newspapers what kind of response you have recieved. I got a pretty good price on my local paper. It would cost me $170.00 for my town or $280.00 for my town plus the neighboring town. Probably about 8000 - 9000 (small town) papers total. Anyway, what kind of response rate have you gotten? I have had poor success with door hangers. Another thing is, I have never seen any of the competition advertise this way. The comp always just puts an ad in classifieds, usually 15 - 20 ads at once. I figured this would be a good way to help get my name out there.
  2. Gatewayuser

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    Thats not to much money one job would pay for it, I would try it.
  3. chimmygew

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    What kind of cost am I looking at to have them printed up?
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    the printing costs are dependant on the layout of the ad and the type of paper it's on. For example, a 4 color, high gloss piece on heavy paper is going to cost many more times that of a black and white, standard copy paper. The effectiveness of the ad usually is related to the quality of the design and print. That's especially true if there are already a lot of inserts in the paper competing for competition. Response will be similar to mailed pieces, as far as a percentage goes, depending also upon how that paper is read. (freebie papers don't tend to take as much cover to cover reading as subscription and wide area papers don't get as thorough look as hometown focused news) The one thing I'd try to avoid, is having the newspaper do the printing for you. Most do a poor job with high impact pieces as their focus in on newsprint quality/quantity.
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    I live in a metro area and my paper does the design, subs the printing, and i pay about $75 per 1000 inserted. it would cost me more than that to make color copies at kinko's. the ads are 8.5 x 11 and are color. they always looks great. i approve the ads before they go out and i choose what zip codes i want, what day, and pick home delivery over news stand. results are fantastic. although i prove a full line of services not limited to outdoor, i can usually count on a return of 8x what I spent. if i spend 1500, i can get about $12000 in gross sales coming with about 30 days.

    newspaper inserts (fsi) free standing inserts, save a lot of time walking door to door. also, it's nice to see your flier hanging on the wall by someone's phone 6 months after it was sent out. it's got to look professional so let the pros design it and print it.
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    inserts are good but make sure the are inserting them at the plant and not having the actual carriers insert them. I use to work for newspaper company as a carrier and believe me when i tell you that 50-75% proably dont even make it in the paper if a carrier is responsable for doing it.

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