Newspaper Inserts

Green Acres

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Has anyone ever tried these? If so how good of return did you get? I called the local newspaper and it's 3 cents per insert so that doesn't sound too bad. If you have ever done this what did you include on your insert? This is just an idea I was toying with not sure if I'll do it or not.
Some newspapers will let you insert into any or all delivery zones. If you can target your inserts to be surburban only you will get some results (with the right timing).

You should also have a classified ad running. A quarter page ad in the local mailbox clipper will also get your phone ringing. You need to act now to get in the spring mailbox clipper.

PS: most newspapers don't charge more to print on both sides of the insert. Recruit another home based service business to help split the costs of printing and delivery.

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