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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Ground Master, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. Ground Master

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    How many of you run newspaper service directory ads?

    Today I renewed mine for 30 more days (the longest they allow).
    The minimum used to be 3 lines at $205. a month. Now they require 4 lines at $273. a month. I believe they raised this minimum because there are very few ads compared to previous years. Meaning at one time the service directory portion of the classified ads took up a good half page, now its dwindled down to less than a quarter page. So I'm sure some "rocket scientist" sitting in a back room cubicle got paid big bucks to come up with the idea to just increase the minimum size from 3 lines to 4 lines.

    I'll have to do some accurate tracking of calls to see if this advertising still pays. I figure its costing $9.10 per day........
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    When I did the service directory I just ended up spinning my wheels going to see tire kickers.....

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