nex-tel or cel


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dirty jersey
going to drop our lawn mowing operation this season we have been useing nex-tel radios.<br>just going to fertilize lawns. thinking about switching to cel . any good deals on cell time. nextels cost me 50.00 1 radio/ 250 min cell/150 min 2 way and 40.00 for the wifes. total bill at end of mo. 90+ dollars


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Check with different co's, with mine (Bell Atlantic) you may call another cell phone within the system with no airtime charges.<p>its important to figure how much air time you will need. 1000 minutes at $100 a month might seem like a deal but its only 10 cents a minute if you use all your time. If you only use 100 of those minutes a month thats a buck a minute, not so good a deal after all.<p>Bill<br>
Well I have a nextel and a cell phone cell was $ 100 a month for 500 min. Now with the nextel I pay 100 for 2 nextels one has 500 mins. cell time other has 350 cell time and both have unlimtied 2 way radio. Plus I have a third that is just a 2 way radio. I found it to be cheaper and quicker with the nextels. Here (Chicago Land) Cell-One has a offer that only calling phone gets charged if you call another cell one customer so kind of like the nextels. I had a lot of freinds that all have just gone to nextel junk the cell phone and bought all the main guys nextels. We are all on the same network so just touch of a button and I can talk to with or any ones esle in are network. Saved my a-s a couple times during snow stroms. But as far as cell phones go they always have deals ranning just look around.


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I know NEXTEL varies from place to place, but there isn't a cellular carrier that comes close to their pricing for what I've got:<p>2400 phone minutes/month and unlimited 2-way radio for $129.00/month. <p>Less than $.06/minute for cell service plus no charge 2-way, paging, etc.<p>Granted that is supposed to be a promo rate fro 1 year, but NEXTEL has extended this rate until further notice. Even if it goes back to regular pricing, it's still less than $.11/minute.


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I've had cellular for a long time, because it has been reliable in this (Southern CT) area. Nex-Tel offered me a good bargain to switch, but their coverage still (after 1-2 years) falls short. We hooked up with SNET for Direct Dispatch Cellular which might be good for multiple crew companies if it is available in your area. Not so good for One crew outfits - you would have to pay more to be able to make calls to customers or vendors.<p>$40.00 per month per phone, unlimited minutes between phones. This works especially well during snow plowing. NO outgoing calls to non-network unless the phone is activated for them - like for supervisors (more money though). This way the crews can't call home or friends, and to call the office all they need to do is call a preprogrammed cellular # at no additional charge. We don't set the phones up for outgoing, instead they work like two-ways, because one phone is always at the shop you can get the office to make land-line calls when necessary. We also use alpha-numeric pagers with software from the computer to send text messages to some foremen - in case they can't hear the phone, or it 'accidently' gets shut off. Some trucks still have regular cellular too, because we've been busy (i.e. too lazy to change them over). We were racking up a lot of cellular to cellular calls between trucks, and cellular to the office, eating up minutes, so this system works for us. <p><br> <p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -<br>


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since nextel doesn't cover my area yet my best option is still cellular and pagers, although i only am a 2 man outfit. my current cellular deal consists of 2 phones and the bill for each is: approx. $42 a month. this includes the following: 650 minutes, voice mail, and detailed billing, for a nine county home area. this works well with me and is more than competitive with any offer i have seen, within 100 miles of my home in sullivan county, ny<p>----------<br>Stephen<br>