Next Lazer VS. Husqvarna PZ

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cboy7, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Lonny90

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    Well, we got the dixon version, same basic mower, different seat and options.
    We are in northern TN, it does very well here. Dischage is incredible, haven't seen it clump yet.
    Haven't ever used mulching kit on it, not sure how that is yet.
    From what I've been seeing, they're built very well. That spindle is tremendous, if I remember right, it outweighed that huge toro spindle by at least 7 lb. It's over 10 in. in diameter. The deck is all 7 guage. It has a lot of design similarities to the G3, and probably the lazer, but the PZ is bigger and beefier in almost every area. Also, check out the way those rollers are mounted. I'm thinking they are at least $500 under Next Lazer, probably more. I don't think their are any customers that really put them through the paces for 2000 hr or so yet, but first impressions are great!
    Correct me if I'm wrong, Jim.
  2. dtc0207

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    a little bit of an exaggeration don't you think? I demoed that same mower and its not going to stand up just because you give it full throttle from a stop.[/QUOTE]

    It had to get the front wheel at least 4 ffeet off the ground and by the way I was on pavement when I didi it.

    JimQ they are complaining the it is not throwing it far enough in he was cutting weed and clovers so Im hoping that is why he is do in next day or so so I will get a good review
  3. JimQ

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    Thanks fro the info.

    Put on a set of High Lifts if you're cutting weeds and clover. That will definitely take care of your discharge problems. P/N - 522829301 for the 60" deck.

  4. dcg141

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    We are an Exmark and Husqvarna dealer. Our customers really like the Next Lazer and we just got our first PZ's. The PZ sure looks good and we have a demo but have not had much time on it yet. I have alot of Next Lazers in the field now and they are holding up very well. They ride and handle so much better than the old Lazer. Husqvarna is a company with alot of money and they look to be serious about making some inroads into the commercial market. The PZ looks to be a step in that direction. You can get them about 500 less than a Exmark right now.

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